Small Sports Program

At Bili Kids we are very pleased to offer our fantastic sports skills program. This program is offered to all of our children over 2 years* and is provided at no extra cost to families. Our sports skills classes are held every Monday and Thursday for our Karras. Classes are 30 minutes in duration.

The classes are run by SMALLSPORTS an Early Childhood Health & Physical Education Provider. Smallsports are passionate about providing children with the basic ball skills to ground them in many different types of sport. They have a fantastic background in early childhood and physical education and have been involved in many sports programs for local and state government organisations.

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The SmallSports program is non-competitive, fun, play and curriculum based and suitable for both boys and girls. It provides a fantastic framework for children to learn sports skills in an inclusive environment, whatever your child’s ability. The program is designed specifically for teaching 2-to-5-year-olds, using a ‘bee and bear’ learning tool and focusing on continual repetition.

Providing this Sports Skills program at Bili Kids introduces your child to all major ball sports and lets them decide which sport they like most, providing a pathway for children to move into a structured sport as they enter school.

The 30-minute classes at Bili Kids will cover five units over the course of a year. The units are:

  • BIG BALL ACTIVITIES which involve skills and concepts that relate to basketball and netball.
  • STRIKING ACTIVITIES involving skills and concepts that relate to cricket, baseball, hockey, tennis and golf.
  • FOOTBALL ACTIVITIES that involve skills and concepts which relate to soccer.
  • SMALL BALL ACTIVITIES which involve skills and concepts that relate to the Rugby, League and AFL.
  • TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES which provide the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.

We love our families to also learn from this program. You are very welcome to come along to your child’s session anytime and we also aim to have special parent workshops during the year.

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