KARRAS-Preschool Program

The Karras Room is our 3 to 5 year old room where we run our Pre-Preschool and our school readiness Preschool Program.

The room is run by a university qualified early childhood preschool teacher and two other educators who plan and implement an engaging play-based program that promotes learning and supports each child’s development. During play, the teachers are able to get a better understanding of the children’s interests and abilities and can help them explore and build on their ideas and strengths.

We run a complimentary learning program for our 3 and 4 year olds. Where suitable we run activities in tandem with both age groups and we also split the age groups for more targeted learning opportunities. In the Karras Room your child will be offered a range of open-ended resources and materials and encouraged to self-select from a range of activities. Our child care educators use their professional knowledge of your child to plan meaningful experiences that extend their thinking skills, such as problem solving and reasoning, as well as developing early numeracy and literacy skills.

As part of the preparation for school our Preschool Program focuses on developing children’s social and emotional skills, so that they feel personally confident and secure when making the transition to school. There are also some practical developmental skills that we focus on building throughout the year, such as self-help skills, concentration, following instructions, independence and responsibility for belongings.

When interacting with the children, some of the areas our teachers focus on developing include:

  • social skills for your child to connect and relate to others
  • your child’s language and social skills to express ideas and feelings, play co-operatively and negotiate with peers
  • decision making, problem solving, and investigative skills
  • building your child’s self confidence and independence
  • exploring diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • asking questions, extending ideas and challenging thinking
  • early numeracy and literacy skills
  • respectful and caring relationships with people and the environment


Our Karras Room boasts the inclusion of an electronic SMART board, which is used daily to help teach and reinforce a range of literacy and numeracy concepts. It is also a great link to ‘big’ school as most kindergarten/prep classrooms now have SMART boards, as they are a fun and engaging way to help children learn. The SMART board combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the functions of a computer and is a great way of introducing our children to technology while overseeing and supporting their learning experience. Throughout the year each child’s progress is monitored, documented and assessed. At the end of the year families are provided with a Transition Statement that summarises your child’s learning across the preschool year. The Transition Statement is created by our Early Childhood Teacher and is used to share information with school teachers regarding your child’s strengths, motivations, interests and learning dispositions. These statements belong to you and your child. You may choose to pass on a copy of the statement to school teachers as part of your child’s transition to school.

Please see the Preschool Program Tab on Our Program page for more information on Bili Kids Preschool Program.

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