The Jarjums Room is our child care room for babies from 6 weeks to 2 years. The Jarjums Room is a lovely warm, nurturing and homely space designed to make your baby feel safe, secure and comforted. Our child care educators work in close partnership with you to maintain your child’s individual routines, such as sleep and bottle times. Each child in the Jarjums Room has a communication book that goes between the Centre and home to help relay any messages and let you know about your child’s day.

The Jarjums Room has an adjoining outdoor play area allowing us to run a versatile indoor / outdoor child care program. The dedicated babies outdoor area with it’s own sand pit and climbing equipment is used in conjunction with the indoor space throughout the whole day. This provides a wonderful indoor/outdoor environment for the babies to safely explore and discover using all their senses.

It is never too early to start learning and we begin our program in the Jarjums Room, with experiences designed to support our little one’s interests and abilities. The program is carefully devised based on observations of the children and our educator’s knowledge of child development.

In the Jarjums Room we focus on developing:

  • a feeling of security and attachment while at the child care centre
  • your child’s emotional and social development
  • new sights and sounds through reading, music, singing and dancing
  • sensory awareness, introducing new materials and textures
  • fine and gross motor skills, with outdoor play and art experiences

One of the great benefits of a small long day care centre is that there are plenty of opportunities for siblings to spend time together and this is encouraged and facilitated at Bili Kids. All of our families are encouraged to spend time at Bili Kids during the orientation process to become familiar with the new environment and get to know our educators.




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