Circus Day, July 2014

Circus Day was a blast at Bili Kids with the children coming dressed as circus characters ranging from the Strong man, tightrope walkers and clowns. Miss Bec came dressed as Claris the clown and gave the children juggling lessons and Miss Hayley did a wonderful job facepainting. Miss Shenee was our fortune teller with her crystal ball. The jumping castle was a hit with all the children bouncing and having fun all day long.

We played some sideshow alley games such as throw the ball in the clown’s mouth, knock down the cans, the children had fun pretending to be tightrope walkers balancing on a rope holding a pole for balance. We watched a real circus on the Smartboard and ate some yummy popcorn that we pretended to buy at the popcorn stall The definite highpoint of the day was a performance by magician Julian, who kept us in fits of laughter with tricks from his big red box of magic.