The Boodabees Room is our toddler room offering child care for our children from 2 to 3 years.

The Boodabees room is always a hive of activity as there is so much to explore, discover and learn at this age! Our child care educators plan and create many open ended experiences to keep our active toddlers engaged and having fun. The rooms are designed to promote the development of self-help skills and the program includes lots of opportunities to learn through play, with experiences such as painting, storytelling, play dough, music, and imaginary play.

The Boodabees Rooms has their own adjoining outdoor play area, which allows us to run a flexible indoor/outdoor child care program. The outdoor play space is used for doing lots of messy play, including finger painting, water play, gardening, cooking and exploring natural materials such as clay and sand.

The toddlers also spend a lot of time in our large, natural playground for greater discovery and outdoor adventures. The child care program in our toddler room is continually evolving around your child’s interests, strengths, ideas and abilities.

In the Boodabees Rooms we focus on developing:

  • your child’s social skills and emotional wellbeing
  • confidence in toilet training, self-help skills, independence and confidence
  • your child’s interest in new ideas and concepts, by creating creative and engaging learning experiences
  • language skills through storytelling, music, play and role modeling
  • sensory awareness, introducing messy play and introducing new materials and textures
  • fine and gross motor skills, with outdoor play and art experiences
  • respectful and caring relationships with people and the environment




One of the great benefits of a small long day care centre is that there are plenty of opportunities for siblings to spend time together and this is encouraged and facilitated at Bili Kids. All of our families are encouraged to spend time at the child care centre during the orientation process, to become familiar with the new environment and get to know our educators. We invite you to stay and play, join us for special occasions or to just drop in.

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